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DISCLAIMER: The soundtracks in this video are for demonstration purposes only and may belong to WMG solely. I do not own any of these soundtracks. If you want to obtain a copy, please refer to a music shop staying in contract with the owner of the rights for these songs.

What you're looking at is a vintage Technics stereo system from 1977. The tuner and amplifier were available in three versions -- one with wooden furniture side panels and the "Technics by Panasonic"-logo (mainly sold in the U.S.), one without side panels but furniture housing, and the one here without side panels and black painted housing.

Included are (top to bottom):
• SL-1900 turntable (with EPC-270C-II cartridge)
• ST-7300 tuner
• SU-7300 amplifier (2*[email protected] ohm; 4-16 ohms impedance)
• RS-615US cassette decks
• SB-4500 speakers (92.5 db/W (1m); 75W maximum load)

I can tell you that the amplifier has a very conservatively rated output power. In nature, this stereo could cause walls to shake. More important, however, is that it also sounds really beautiful and is built like a tank.

More infos:

I'm sorry if the music be a bit silent -- due to the heavy volume control the microphone does distortion would have been too high.

If you are interested in another movie covering any of your desired objects (e.g. a closer look at any of the component or the inside), feel free to comment!