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Title: Progress
Artist: Tatsh
Circle: TatshMusicCircle
Original: プレインエイジア (Plain Asia)

I have been in a bit of a struggle lately to find good instrumental arranges.
On the recent event, there was some, but I have to accept that not as it was used before.
The main reason is that as time goes on, vocal incorporation to Touhou Metal is more frequent.
As you may already know, this channel avoids as many vocal work as possible, but sometimes exceptions are meant to be done, since the instrumental work and/or vocal work is worth to check out.

It's good to know that TatshMusicCircle has never forgot about instrumental metal work on his 3 releases.
Each one of his albums have featured one progressive metal arrange that are totally worth to check out, since it deserves the title "progressive metal" as much as Demetori.

First was Nazrin theme, then was Shou. Now it's time for our "cow-girl" Keine.
This is the first time the channel features a "Plain Asia" arrange (not counting #50), and perhaps it's because for me at least, "Old World" totally makes me forget there actually exist a song used for Keine's theme. I don't know, but "Plain Asia" just doesn't get trough me, or at least not like other theme songs.
Yes, there exist the case of China for instance, where "her stage theme is more known than her boss theme. However I have expressed many times how I consider "Shnagai Alice of Meiji 17" a totally underrated song, and it matches or exceeds my feelings towards "Chinese Tea". But with Keine, I must admit it isn't the case.

"This is Keine Kamishirasawa's theme.
It's both serious and mysterious.
I really like the striking melodious feeling conveyed
by the piano in the intro.
To me, Japanese culture is sort of a natural progression in East Asia.
So Japanese-English music certainly shouldn't be reduced to fluff."[email protected]

However, and as usual Tatsh makes a great rendition to this theme.
The unique detail I feel this time it's the mix of the drums. Somehow they doesn't sound as good as the other works. But as usual the riffs are pretty solid, the rythm just makes you go mad, and the acoustic part on the middle gives a very nice fresh taste to the both the theme and the arrange. It can be felt pretty repetitive, but after all, the part you listen over and over is what gives "Plain Asia" its flavor right? Perhaps for this time, I am not the best one to say my comments on this song, because I'm not fan of "Plain Asia", but please for everyone who enjoys the theme, leave a comment with your opinion.

Thanks for watching.