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This is it - my original Bendy and the Ink Machine song called "Face Reality!" Special thanks goes to all the amazing vocalists featured, and the entire Joey Drew Studios team. Bendy and the Ink Machine has made a tremendous impact on my life. I can't thank everybody enough for their hard work on this project! Please enjoy, everyone!

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▼ Original Composition: Victor McKnight
▼ Main Vocalists: Simul, SquigglyDigg, Swiblet & Victor McKnight
▼ Video Artist: Elizabeth Harrison (Doberart)

▼ Special Thanks: ravishgalante, Sonic321, Lexicon, C013Huff, WarDoc, Taida, Jacob Vega, Kohitsujichan39, tablewithamicrophone, Lolo_Trolo, SW1, Tehisle MMD, The Stupendium, Komodo Chords, Musiclide, ZaBlackrose, TheSpyBeetle, CG5, OR3O, Chi-chi, Noah McKnight, MizzNeon, Caleb Hyles, DAGames, BillyTheBard11th, & TryHardNinja

▼ Lyrics!
[Verse 1 - Sammy Lawrence]
Listen to the radio
The safety's lost and we will show
Our preparations and what you know
will surely help you flow
You know you'll never swing
When the colors gone and everything
has signed their way as my offspring
and now you'll hear them sing

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Calling out, you're in danger
A stranger, he's angered,
your life's on the line, running out of time
All through these halls I would wager,
You're braver, a savior
Determined to find, and crawl through his mind

Seeking for answers,
with darkened thoughts
Blind, yet you clearly see us
Praying that you will rise up
Wake up and face reality

[Verse 2 - Alice]
Deep down you leave your cage,
It's a twisted world, but I'm on the stage
In 30 years, we stay of age
You think it's time for change
This is the rise and fall
Rooms full of dolls, Two separate calls,
"Ink's on my walls!" "Not in my halls!"
You're bound to hear them all go

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Chanting out, you're believing
Deceiving, no screaming,
our faith's in our skin, and our life is built-in,
And in the course of this contest
I've been blessed, it's my nest
Determined to win, wandering's a terrible sin

Seeking for answers,
with darkened thoughts
Blind, yet you clearly see us
Praying that you will rise up
Wake up and face reality

[Bridge 1 - Well of Voices]
In between the breakdowns you can always find the keys
It's time to believe in what you can't see
Of the devil's tide
Welcome to my horror show
Can I get an amen
All eyes on me
Here you are only my toy
I witness it all right before my eyes
Liar, liar
I've been away for the longest time
Build up our machine you die tonight
We flow together
So devilish, so devilish, so devilish
You've been away for far too long

[Bridge 2 - Joey Drew]
You think it's laughable
We'll appease the gods, but you're just frightened
More dreaming dreaming dreaming
Have faith and soon you'll be enlightened
Wishing for the impossible
Well that's just crazy, wouldn't you think
Why don't you just calm down
Pick up that Bacon soup, take a drink

Just a pencil and a dream
Success, fortune, power, that's all it takes
Any short of my vision? Ha! No!
I'll raise the stakes!
Your credence of suffering, and
You feel I'm on the brink?
Well Boris, Alice, and Bendy
They'll all rise in the ink! Ahh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

[Chorus - Ink Demon]
Seeking for answers,
with darkened thoughts
Blind, yet you clearly see us
(Blind, yet you clearly see us)
Praying that you will rise up
Wake up and face reality

[Chorus Ext]
Begging for mercy
in your workplace
Bold, but you are a disgrace
(Bold, but you are a disgrace)
Dreams come true,
No blood to erase
Wake up and face reality


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