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Here is the music video for the MDZS audio drama S3, titled "Set Me Free From This World" with English subs!


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English lyrics:

Rustling wind blows across the world
Good and evil are clear as mud
Greed, foolishness, and resentment make it hard to be carefree
The path to greatness
Treacherous and broken by sounds of battle
Suddenly, it’s all nothing more than a bedtime story
Qin string entangles this life and the last
At first sight, it’s hard to predict who is good and who is evil
A smile raises ripples on the calm lake
My heart is lit aflame by that charming, untamed traveller
Under the vast skies, the human heart is a mystery
Three thousand fates are held in whose palm
Carelessly whittling away?
Flames of war rise in Yun Shen
Life and death partings burn my heart to ash, ingrained like the brand on my chest
Truth is reflected upon the clear mirror
A red-crowned crane flies among the clouds
No one to entrust worries to
With two trails of tears, a thousand thoughts flash by
Faintly, for whom is that lively song played?

Senseless yet wading forward
Many dangers fill the Xuanwu cave
Bone breaks; a dauntless, reckless youth after all
Suppressing this blazing fire inside
Pray tell; praises or blame, happiness or misfortune, are all given by whom?
Return; afraid that our paths are not the same
Come; under the winter moon, a lonely flute cries with ghosts
Disperse resentful ghosts and vengeful spirits with a talisman
Heaven is cruel but my fate is in my own hands
Half a carefree lifetime all turns to dust
There and back from death’s door
Afraid only of one day crossing the point of no return
The past is indescribable
Heavy debts lie before me
Two nights’ anguish are vivid in my memory
Alone, gaze sweeps around Qiongqi Path
Afraid that every step taken was wrong
With two trails of tears, a thousand regrets are realized all at once
The needle of guilt pierces deep
Spirit disperses, soul vanishes
Your ashes disappear in the wind
Bloodbath; unafraid of hell’s fire
Path to the netherworld; who cares what fate has to offer?
Wishing only to bear the trials with you

Who is that carefree person, greedy for joy and a cup of wine?
Heart knotted, body marked by scars
Who is calling me?
Someone prays relentlessly for a soul to return
A hearty laugh; the past is ephemeral like the morning dew
Though unraveled, right and wrong are still enshrouded in fog
But nothing can match one person’s returned gaze
Life is full of hardships
Things that are yearned for cannot be kept
Achieving nothing but meaningless reputations, quickly disappearing from view
Hating that right and wrong are so muddled
In the end, past debts and resentments are all laid to rest
Sun sets over mountains afar
Hand in hand, walking together to the ends of the earth
Lotuses bloom in the heart, filling the pier
Half a lifetime wasted; thankfully, you’ll be by my side for all the remaining seasons
On the Jianghu, getting drunk a thousand times on Emperor’s Smile, lying in Gusu