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A big thank you to Shy Siesta for taking part in this and singing the lovely vocals! Please check out her channel and give her love, she has tons of other Undertale parodies that she's sung and they're amazing! I've linked her channel below!

Shy Siesta's Channel:

This took me quite a while to make, but I'm happy with how it turned out! The song is Matryoshka (マトリョシカ) by Hachi! Hachi's original video was used as reference to make this one :) I made the lyrics myself, so they aren't the greatest ^^, but feel free to tweak it however you like! I put the lyrics below for anyone that may have trouble reading it in the video :) I'll be uploading the japanese version of this tomorrow (mostly because it works with the original instrumental better and this one works with the 8-bit instrumental)


A human child from above falls down
Running away to the city Underground
Yes, I’m sure I’ve always been this way
Just a crazy patched-up

The goats are making me their family
Talking about leaving the Underground city
Hey keep this secret just between you and me
I have the ultimate plan to set us all free

Ah, listen up close
If we just combine our two fragile souls
Ah, we’ll be together
the strongest soul ever

Um hold on
Stop, wait a minute, please explain
Human soul? Monster soul?
It doesn’t seem sane
Hey, why are you smiling like that?
You’re making a scary face, please answer back

Count the flowers,524
Dead Children? Live Children?
It’ll be easy
Quickly, quickly, let’s decide this now
So we can make it above and be happy

I’ll eat the flowers and we will combine
Hey, what’s up Asriel? Are you terrified?
I’m not too sure about this crazy scheme
But alright, we’ll save the Underground as a team

Saving all the monsters in the Underground?
In the Underground?
We break through the barrier and find out
The humans are closing in
Run, now, run, now

Ah, let’s kill them
and we’ll be able to save the Underground
Ah, let’s just run away
Get home safe and sound

Um, hold on,
Please don’t hurt them, we’re not here to kill
Destruction? Protection?
Oh, they think we’re evil
In a panic, they shoot us with arrows
Just like that, they strike the final blow
Crying and shouting, “I don’t want to die”
Monster-kind? Human-kind?
No difference to find
Bleeding on the flowers where we’re lying
We’re all alone from now on, slowly dying

The two children are dead and gone
Dead and gone
They are dead and gone
But there’s someone new in the Underground
A human child from above
Falls, down, falls, down

Rai rai
Hey, wait you are
Rai Rai
Still stuck down here
Rai rai
Yes, I’m still here
The souless genocidal

Hey, hey hey
Stop, hold on, wait just a minute
Cross the line? Change your mind?
No, not this time
You don’t want to give me your soul?
Tell me
Since when were you the one in control?

Count the bodies,
Evil one? Risen one?
Let’s kill everyone

Hey how about we reset this game
And then we can do this all over again!

Chu chu chu ay ay ay

Original video: Starbeam
Vocals: Shy Siesta (
Music: 8-bit Matryoshka by ぱるぷんちょ(
Original song: Matryoshka (マトリョシカ) by Hachi