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If you ever thought dating a Yandere sounded like fun, I've got some bad news for you... these 3 shocking stories were translated from the Japanese website 2chan, and will make you glad to be single. Warning: some of these are truly disturbing!

Story 1 - Kyoko - 00:24
Story 2 - Miku - 17:32
Story 3 - Suzume - 23:40

Lady White Rabbit:

Phantasmal Wretched, who translated these stories:

Music by the amazingly talented Myuuji:

This channel specialises in narrating scary true stories on many different topics: stalkers, the deep web, yanderes, ghosts, road trips, college horror stories, catfish, home invasions, sleep paralysis, hotel experiences, neighbors from hell, close encounters, dating horror stories, cryptids, skinwalkers, wendigos, mysterious & shocking happenings, all things paranormal and horrific... the list goes on. They are mostly collected from Reddit forums, 4chan and 2chan, as well as from viewer submissions. I also do the occasional creepypasta.

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