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Rōrupureingugēmu (role-playing game)
Mafu「Which job should I pick~」
Saka「Mafu should try being the Magician or the Death God」
Ura「Sakata will be a muscle-brain martial artist or something?」
Sora「Okay then, on my count, let's say the job we want to do」

One, two and

All 4「I'll do the hero okay !!!!」

We four, who usually play games together made an original song.
Can't say the meaning behind this but it's good that it's fun, isn't it?

■Art / Video:Ryuuseee @ryuuseee

●Song/Inst Mix
Soraru @soraruru
●Song / Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement/Vo Mix
Mafumafu @uni_mafumafu
●Song / Dialog Script
Uratanuki @uratasama
●Song/ Dialog Script/Aho
Aho no Sakata @sakatandao

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