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Cuphead ► Mr. King Dice Theme - FEMALE VOICE ORIGINAL SONG by Alana Bridgewater - Don't Mess with King Dice - Die House [EXTENDED OST] & LYRICS ► Cuphead Music Soundtrack Extended - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - AirbagVII - Airbag7 ---★Read Description★---

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So, by completing the game, a lot of people are figuring out that King Dice's Theme "Die House" is apparently sung by a woman, more specifically by Alana Bridgewater.
Now, the track is really catchy and is definitely one of my favorites from the whole OST.
But the music we got in the game appears to be sung with such a deep voice (the reason why a lot of people are surprised that it was sung by a woman in the first place).
Therefore, I made some audio editing and made it like I think was the original version.
I took the chance to also extend the track and make the lyrics visible on screen.
Hope you enjoy the final result.

I'm Mr King Dice,
I'm the game'st in the land,
I never play nice,
I'm the devil's right hand man.

I can't let you past,
cause you ain't done everything,
bring me those contracts,
come on bring em' to the king.

If you haven't finished your task,
haven't worked assiduously,
No I cannot let you past,
Don't you mess with me!

Don't mess with King Dice,
(Don't mess with King Dice)
Don't mess with me
(Don't mess with him)
Don't mess with King Dice
(Don't Mess with King Dice)
Don't mess with me!

I'm Mr.King Dice,
Heed just what I say,
The Devil has his price!
And I'll make sure you pay!
I don't have time to mess round,
And I hope you will agree,
Bring me those contracts,
Don't you mess with me!