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This popular original Franciscan composition is inviting us for a total surrender of oneself to God, to SERVE and LOVE Him with our heart, soul, mind and whole self. Present yourself to Him for a SACRED service to the CHURCH- his PEOPLE. Answer His call. BE A FRANCISCAN.
Here is the ORIGINAL COMPOSITION of the song "LORD HERE I AM" composed by Fr. Cielito R. Almazan, OFM., sung by Bro. Ariel Manga, OFM.

Here is the lyrics of the song:

Words and Music: Fr. Cielo Almazan, OFM

Lord, here I am to answer your call
Lord, here I am to serve and love you
I have left everything just to follow you.
Here is my heart; here is my mind
Here is my soul; here is my whole self.
I am for you and you alone.