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Tavares (also known as The Tavares Brothers) are a successful American R&B, funk and soul music group, composed of five Cape Verdean-American brothers from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

More Than a Woman song information:

'More Than a Woman' is a disco song written by the Bee Gees (credited to Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb for the soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever.

The soundtrack includes two versions -- one by the Bee Gees and the other by Tavares. Both versions are featured in the film as well. The song has also been done by various artists but in different forms. The Bee Gees did not release this song as a single (though in Italy it was a Top 10 hit), yet it has remained a staple on radio and one of their best known songs.

An abridged live version of the song performed by the Bee Gees is available on both the DVD and CD versions of One Night Only. The performance is from 1997.

The song has also been included on Bee Gees compilations such as Tales from the Brothers Gibb and Their Greatest Hits: The Record. The very first UK pressings of Their Greatest Hits: The Record featured the song with a mastering fault, with the audio noticeably dipping to the right briefly during the first verse. This was corrected after several thousand copies had been distributed.

British boy band 911 covered the song in 1998. Their version reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart.

An acapella style version of song is sung by the Jonas Brothers in the film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian where they portray cherubs.

Hong Kong band, RubberBand, covered the song in their 2011 album, Dedicated to.... This was the first time RubberBand released an English track.