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This is my favorite anime ending theme of all time, No Game No Life ED – Oracion.

It’s my personal favorite ending theme of all time for to a couple of reasons: 1.) it’s a great composition (the sudden chorus just hits me right in the face), and 2.) there’s just something about “forgetting” that is so powerful, and yet incredibly sad (when everyone forgets ****’s existence).

I suppose in real life, this is compared to something like Alzheimer’s… when a person forgets, it destroys what makes them human. It’s incredibly sad. Imagine if I suddenly forget that I actually love playing piano, I forget that I have a lot of fans online and just completely stop uploading… No matter how much I try to remember, I will always forget. I never want that to happen, ever. But I guess life is always full of unexpected things, right?

I hope you guys enjoy this arrangement~

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Piano arrangement by Tehishter
English Lyrics Translation by Thaerin

Original song:
-Vocal: Shiro (CV: Ai Kayano)
-Music, Arrangement & Lyrics: NAZCA [ナスカ]

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