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►Parody, video, lyrics, and song produced by SongParodyZone

►Music production by GabrielVinylz

►Male parody cover vocals by TryHardNinja

►Female parody vocals by Crystalla Gonzalez

►Text on screen:

►Lyric consulting and writing:

►Instrumental by KaraokePopHits
"The Chainsmokers - Closer" - single video youtube - non-exclusive AUDIO MASTER LICENSE

A Chainsmokers Closer FNAF and Sister Location song parody called "Closer." The Chainsmokers Closer seemed like a perfect fit to have Freddy and Circus Baby singing in the same FNAF song about their dark secrets and lives. Did you enjoy this FNAF version of Closer? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. Please subscribe for more parodies. RATE, SHARE AND COMMENT FOR MORE SONGS!

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