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Composed by The Great Dolvondo ▶
Animated by Axie ▶
Featuring vocals from CK9C ▶
Music Production/Vocals by CG5
Album art by Chi-chi ▶

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I'm that little devil,
And I am everywhere.
What is it that makes us creepy?
Or do you even care?
Let's get to skulking, lurking,
Our ink machine is finally working.
We were your creation.
Never knew you'd lie.
Time to believe that you can never leave,
No matter how hard you try.
Don't hate, appreciate,
The arrival of your sorry fate.

You really think I wanna kill?
The ink you see can't be distilled.
I can tell it's not your day,
Well too bad! I'm here to stay.
Our surprise is your demise,
Close your lying eyes.
Play that old song in the night,
Right under the spotlight.

You really think you can appease him?
His home is the projector screen.
He'll surely stop,
No I'm just teasin'.
This table's been set just for me.
Oh can't you see,
You got to run screamin' from the demon.

Thirty years has come and gone.
Your time to shine has just begun.
You'll be dancing with the devil on the lower level.
Think I'll be going,
Make these pipes stop flowing.
Time to die, I've gone awry.
Say your last goodbye.
Play that old song in the night!