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I just released a new album! Come check it out, and listen as much as you like!

This is a song about Spike, and his conflict between caring for the one he loves, and fighting his fiery dragon instinct. It's been a while since I wrote anything MLP influenced, and this was a lot of fun! :D



Moments pass like photographs
Like pages filled with our own pasts
You're the happy ending to this tale
And now I can't fail
I'm reckless without a plan
You know that I'm no superman
But I can keep you safe if you hold on
I know this can't be wrong

Can't do this without you
Together we can make it through
These roads around
The battleground
Chapters closed, on a new start
We're getting to my favorite part
'cuz you're the only one
Who can tame my dragonheart

Despite my strong desire
You sometimes feel my breath of fire
It doesn't mean I'm angry, just confused
I don't know to choose
Between my bitterness
And the ending that comes after this
I know I want you though it's hard to change
So let's just turn the page

Never feel like you are alone
In the midst of the fire we found home
It's our happy ending
And no one's gonna stop us now
I'm a beast with a heart that's frozen
But with you, now my eyes are open
I see the struggles coming
But we will strike them down somehow
You're the savior of
My ability to love
I found the will to change in you
Though I'm still ashamed
If how I start the flames
You accept me for what's true