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❧ From the The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers: The Complete Recordings, The Host of the Eldar, by Howard Shore

•Footsteps of Doom
sung by The London Voices.
lyrics in Sindarin with translation:

Man sí minna?
Who enters here?

Man ammen toltha i dann hen Amarth?
Who brings to us this token of Doom?

I anann darthant dam morn
That which has stood so long against the darkness

Si dannatha.
will now fall.

•Lament for Gandalf, Chorus
sung by The London Voices.
lyrics in Quenya with translation:

Melmelma nóren sina
Our love for this land

Núra lá earo núri
Is deeper than the deeps of the sea

Ilfirin nairelma
Our regret is undying

Ananta ilyar eccatuvalme
Yet we will cast all away

Ar ullume nucuvalme
Rather than submit

Nauva i nauva.
What should be shall be.