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I can’t pick up the slack
Can we just give up please?
Cuz there’s no coming back
So let’s surrender at 20!

My team is more like enemies
We’re so screwed
Surrender at 20

Our Kalista doesn't kite
And why does no one on my team have smite?
Our top is in the base looking up a guide
Oh and we never group together
I'm staying bronze forever

Their team tries hard
And my teams hardly trying
I’m counting down minutes left

A level 1 death to a melee creep
And our mid fed then he said, “Where’s my team”
I bet we would still lose if they all DC’d…
We still haven’t grouped together
This ain't getting better

It’s almost time
Been waiting for this moment
All of my life
Cause we had no chance!

I slash FF
We got 3 votes and they’re “yes"
Just need one more and we’re set

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