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Whats good Flyingpeople! So sorry for some wacky uploads right now just trying to get everything sorted for both 3k specials! Hopefully the top 10 house will be out tomorrow if not definitely saturday!
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Hello and welcome to FlyingTunes.
Call me tunes;) First I would like to congratulate you on getting this far in the description! I'm just your average 16 year old guy, and what a better way to get through each mediocre day than with some awesome tunes! Here you expect to see, non copyrighted music of all sorts ranging from your epic drops of dubstep, to the aggressive montage rock and of course a lot of music I produce or remix myself! Also I upload my subscribers work too and make sure I go out of my way to help any aspiring youtubers no matter what, whether they are in the comments or via private message!
If this sounds good to you why not check out my videos and leave a sub to join the community and I would love to hear your thoughts I reply to every comment!
So I look forward to seeing you around the channel but that's all from me so I'm tuning out;)
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