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"Got Each Other" (feat. Rancid) by The Interrupters from 'Fight the Good Fight,' available now • Order at


if you are alone tonight
you can come with us
if you don't have friends or family
or people that you trust
we will be your confidants
your sisters and your brothers
we don't have much but we got each other
through all the heartache
we find a way to smile
and if you were in trouble
i’d walk ten thousand miles
and when that storm comes around
well i will be your cover
we don't have much but we got each other
hard luck and tough times
always around the bend
without your love and friendship
and a kind hand to lend
well i’d be so lost
out to sea without a rudder
we don't have much but we got each other
make our home in this sacred ground
we’ve been here for years
solid in foundation
the blood, the sweat, and tears
raise your voice, stand side by side
and we will sing forever
we don't have much but we got each other


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Sept 23 - Austin, TX Scallywag Fest
Sept 29 - Auburn, WA Scallywag Fest
Sept 30 - Boise, ID Scallywag Fest
Oct 20 - San Diego, CA Scallywag Fest
Oct 28 - Huntington Beach, CA Surf City Blitz
Oct 26 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
Nov 9 - Las Vegas, NV - Vinyl at Hard Rock
Nov 10 - Tempe, AZ - Tempe Marketplace - FREE
Nov 11 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House
Nov 13 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones
Nov 14 - Fresno, CA - Strummer's
Nov 17 - Sacramento, CA - Ace of Spades
Nov 26 - Glasgow, UK The Garage
Nov 27 - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Newcastle Unversity
Nov 28 - Birmingham, UK Academy 2
Nov 29 - Leeds, UK Stylus
Dec 1 - Manchester, UK Academy 2
Dec 2 - Bristol, UK SWX
Dec 3 - Brighton, UK Concorde 2
Dec 4 - London, UK Electric Ballroom

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