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Hans Zimmer - Christmas surprise. Extraordinary German composer.

Pictures taken at the baroque gardens. La Granja Royal Palace. San Ildefonso (Segovia). Summer palace near Madrid.

"Do you want to know, Juliet, why I keep tied to your eyes? Because I live caught between what my lips desire and what your two zealous sentries keep... Because I yearn to see my reflection in the sweetness of your eyes... Because, without rest, I look for my presence in the flash that appears in your eyes, revealing your feelings... "

"¿Queréis saber, Giulietta, por qué me entretengo tanto en vuestros ojos...? Porque vivo atrapado entre lo que anhelan mis labios y lo que guardan vuestros dos celosos centinelas... Porque ansío ver mi reflejo en la dulzura de vuestra mirada... Porque busco, sin descanso, mi presencia en el destello que asoma en vuestras pupilas, revelando vuestros sentimientos... "

Written by / Escrito por:
Emilio M.