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Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" is a satirical musical look at living in South Africa today. In true Rubber Duc style, it is a quirky and humorous "quack" at current issues... All the stuff we simply don't have time for!

Inspired by the Parody Factory's viral YouTube video of Sweet Brown's 'Ain't Nobody Got Time for That'

Twitter: @RubberDucMusic

Co-writer: The Parody Factory

Stop, you're making a sound. Don't think of writing it down.
If the word gets out you're gonna go to jail.
We've got things to say. Don't take our words away.
Transparency, it's our right to see your games.
You've got aeroplanes, blue light brigades for a family name.
Bring the air force in there's gonna be a fire.
We wana know who paid who, who passed the message through?
Jumbo jets, friends with benefits, sing with me this melody...
Ain't nobody got time for that
When driving to work takes its toll. Spend your pay check driving home.
Please JZ up my salary for bribes.
Two days drilling holes, backstage you little moles.
Justin B ain't as rich as me, everyone at FNB sing...
Rewind to the times that were violent, how we stood and fought through the silence.
Consumption, corruption confined in a nation we fought to survive in.
How can we survive when we pay more for mileage, for mansions on coastlines that boast our retirement?
So what's next? Does Rubber Duc have to put it in context?