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Official Video Produced by Vintage Flick. Directed by Flick Wiltshire. If interested in having your own video produced please contact me for more information.

Upon reaching Number One in June 2007, "Find out Who Your Friends Are" set a new record for the slowest-climbing Number One single in the history of the Billboard country music charts, as well as the second-slowest climbing on any Billboard singles chart.
The music video for the song debuted on the television network CMT on August 16, 2007, at which point the song had fallen from the charts and entered recurrent rotation. In the video, a man (Ronnie Gilley of Enterprise, AL) hits a circumstance similar to the lyrics of the song and finds himself stranded "in the middle of nowhere." Though his cellular reception is very poor, he is able to contact George Jones, who then calls Darryl Worley (who is relaxing in a pool with several women) and several others, who then calls Roy Oswalt who is working out with several other athletes; everyone contacted arrives in a cavalcade of vehicles to help with the predicament. Larry the Cable Guy made a cameo in the video when Nancy Jones (George Jones' wife) she was talking to him and he was ignoring her by sleeping. He was testing Nancy's patience, so she threw water at him to wake him up.Produced by Flick Wiltshire and Chris Conner. Edited by Jay McDowell.