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According to eleventh chapter of Durga Sapthshati :

In ancient time there was a demon, he was too cruel and powerful enough that no human or devata could kill him. So, that demon Vaprachit did all the rubbish of killing and punishing the people unnecessarily…the law and order were gone imbalance.

To get over this, the humans and devatas prayed to Ma Durga for help. And to kill him and his powerful colleagues, she came in the avatar of Goddess Raktadantika, and along with killing each of them she also drank their blood. That’s why the name “Raktadantika” took birth. Rakta = blood, Dant = teeth, means teeth in the blood.

Devi Raktadantika Dhyanam

| Raktaambaara Raktavarnaa Raktasarvaangabhushanaa |
|| Raktaayudha Raktanetraa Raktakeshaatibheeshanaa ||
| Raktatikshnanakhaa Raktadashanaa Raktadantikaa |
|| Patim Narivaanurakta Devi Bhaktam Bhajejjanam ||
| Vasudheva Vishaalaa Saa Sumeruyugalastanee |
|| Dirghau Lambaavatisthulau Taavateeva Manoharau ||
| Karkashaavatikaantau Tau Sarvaanandapayonidhee |
|| Bhaktaan Sampaayayedevi Sarvakaamadughau Stanau ||
| Khadgampaatram Cha Musalam Laangalam Cha Bibharti Saa |
|| Aakhyaataa Raktachaamundaa Devi Yogeshwariti Cha ||

रक्ताम्बरा रक्तवर्णा रक्तसर्वाङ्गभूषणा।
रक्तायुधा रक्तनेत्रा रक्तकेशातिभीषणा॥५॥
रक्ततीक्ष्णनखा रक्तदशना रक्तदन्तिका।
पतिं नारीवानुरक्ता देवी भक्तं भजेज्जनम्॥६॥
वसुधेव विशाला सा सुमेरुयुगलस्तनी।
दीर्घौ लम्बावतिस्थूलौ तावतीव मनोहरौ॥७॥
कर्कशावतिकान्तौ तौ सर्वानन्दपयोनिधी।
भक्तान् सम्पाययेद्देवी सर्वकामदुघौ स्तनौ॥८॥
खड्गं पात्रं च मुसलं लाङ्गलं च बिभर्ति सा।
आख्याता रक्तचामुण्डा देवी योगेश्‍वरीति च॥९॥

Meaning in English

"With blood-red clothes, blood-red skin, blood-red body ornaments,
blood-red weapons, blood-red eyes, blood-red hair, utterly terrifying sharp blood-red nails, and blood-red teeth -- She is Raktadantika. As a wife is loyal to her husband, so the Goddess will be towards her devotees. She is as beautiful as the Earth, Her two breasts are like Sumeru Mountain large, full, and firm, exceedingly pleasurable to the senses. Those beautiful firm breasts are the source of the milk of all joys and fullfills all desires. She carries a sword, drinking cup, pestle, and plow. She is also known as the Goddess Raktachamunda and Yogeshvari.

Note - Compositing Animation and Music Composition has all done by me. Copyright rules apply.

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