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Koko Mmatswale official music video song,
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Koko Mmatswale - DJ Sunco ft Queen Jenny Official Music Video,
DJ Sunco Mmatswale ft Queen Jenny Official Music Video,
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DJ Sunco Matswale ft Queen Jenny. The hitmaker of Makoti Sikulandile is back again with another hot single. His new song tagged Matswale ft Queen Jenny is now the talk on social media platforms. In fact, the positive response from the fans has encouraged them to shoot a beautiful music video.

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Matswale speaks about the groom’s family who came to take Makoti (The Bride). Moreover, the are saying that they will not go back home without the bride. This is a direct message to the mother of the bride to prepare the handover of her daughter. Matswale by Queen Jenny is now a certified hit by the fans and all South Africans.

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